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Dave Pape (
Wed, 26 Feb 1997 23:16:16 GMT

At 13:33 25/02/97 CT, Corey wrote:
>David Pape said:
>>Every cell in our body has more than one type of DNA, because mitochondrial
>> DNA's different to nuclear DNA.
>Please explain this sentence. (No, not that sentence. The one I quoted.)

1 Thanks for your brackets of sentence-referral explaininess. I
operate to extremely tight deadlines and might've fucked up big time without
your guidance.

2 I should've said, "Every cell that has mitochondria in it".

3 Mitochondria (little organelles that... do aerobic respiration, I
think) apparently have DNA of their own, ie they reproduce themselves,
rather than the nucleus's DNA providing chemical instructions for their
manufacture in the cell. Lynn Margulis (spelling?) proposed the concept of
endosymbiosis (eukaryotic cells, the kind that metacellular organisms like
beech trees, tapeworms and we are made out of, arising in part from ancient
pseudo-cell things clumping together and coexisting, some actually inside
others). She's done a lot of work with James (Gaia) Lovelock. The cool thing
about Lovelock and Margulis' work is that you can look at yourself as a
colony of cells, which themselves are made up of a tight partnership of more
than one kind of pseudo-cellular entity. When you think of organisms as kind
of like ecologies (interacting colony networks) it's not so hard to think of
the Earth as behaving like a kind of huge meta-organism (which is Lovelock's
Gaia theory, a theory that struggles because its main media proponents are
shit British pop-techno band The Shamen).

4 Peace.

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