Re: virus: Memetic sex

Tony Hindle (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 02:19:38 +0000

Dave pape wrote
> When you think of organisms as kind
>of like ecologies (interacting colony networks) it's not so hard to think of
>the Earth as behaving like a kind of huge meta-organism (which is Lovelock's
>Gaia theory, a theory that struggles because its main media proponents are
>shit British pop-techno band The Shamen).
And the most sophisticated "cell" in the earth meta-
organism is a human being. Human beings are the nerve cells of
the meta-organism. I am one nerve cell and you are another. This
e-mail (and others tonight) is my axon touching your dendrite.
The internet is a powerful psychoactive stimulant for the
Lets hope the meta-organism can develope its brain quick
enough so that it can signal to the muscle cells to clean up its
own shit before it poisons itself.
What are memes in this context? neurotransmitters?
perhaps Electric pulses?
I await you axon.

Tony Hindle.
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