Re: virus: Rationality
Thu, 27 Feb 97 16:47:38 GMT

David McF wrote:

> > From:
> > Date: Tuesday, February 25, 1997 2:18 AM
> >
> > > So, "rationality" and "logic" are indeed memes that happen to be about
> > > rationality and logic respectively (which aren't memes).
> >
> > I think this makes sense to me. Do you mean that the idea of Logic
> > existing is a meme, but the actual process of such is not?
> Yes, the idea of logic is a meme because it is a (transmissable) idea.
> Are all ideas memes?

Erm ... I presumed so, but then during a conversation with Toby (?)
he mentioned that something was "part of the proven world" or something
similar. This makes me wonder whether a fact is a meme.

> > > Many humans are rational as well, in that they can behave rationally by
> > > consciously following logical rules.
> >
> > So logic feeds the rational side of behaviour?
> I'm not sure what your intended meaning is, but I would instead claim
> that rational behaviour is judged or recognized by logic.

OK, that probably fits with what I was thinking :)

> > Hang on, does this mean that If I take logic and rationality to be
> > memes, and realise how to bypass their effect, I would be post-rational?
> > Is that good or bad? :)
> That wasn't what I was trying to convey. How can you bypass the effect
> of logic?

You could be illogical.