Re: virus: Rationality

tom.holz (
Thu, 27 Feb 1997 23:49:48 -0400

>I'm still saying that `memes cannot be transmitted,' Richard. The fact
>that they cannot be transmitted, that it is merely `signs and portents'
>that are interpreted by a seperate memesphere that can misunderstand,
>have a different interpretation context or whatnot leads to the
>representation even in a perfect protocol, which English itself is far
>from, that leads to the resultant meme given rise by the interpretation
>of the signs to be unlike the meme that was intended.

pardon my interuption, but I formed a very vivid image reading this, and
well, my "memes" "want" "me" "to tell" "you" "about it".

Ok, here goes--two people are trying to interact, only each of them is
inside a huge, squishy, thick plastic bag filled with an icky pink goo
(nevermind how they breathe). Sort of like Nickelodeon meets ameobas with
impermeable membranes.

Of course, this was most probably not what you meant--I almost skipped the
entire second half of your paragraph because of the image. And if you
think you agree, well, you're probably just mistranslating/decoding this as
well. pfft. communication shmation.

tom and I didn't even need to put any smileys anywhere holz

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