virus: Is objectivism a meme?

Tony Hindle (
Sat, 1 Mar 1997 05:53:56 +0000

What exactly is objectivism?
Why is it not compatible with memetics?
Why have I spent 2 weeks reading postings from Tad,
Richard and others, all who seem to have some wonderfull insights,
without really being able to tell myself what exactly you are
disagreeing about?
I believe in objective reality. I also believe everything
can be analysed memetically does that make me a schizo?
This is a polite request for anyone to post some clear
answers to my questions. Please give me some practical examples
where an objectivist would do something different to a memeticist
all other things being equal.
I believe both schools are fruitfull and compatible. Why
so much argument when Richard's book is listed as no.10 (ish) in
the planet Te Ta reading recomendation list.

Tony Hindle.
Reality is an illusion created by our senses.