Re: virus: Is objectivism a meme?

David McFadzean (
Sun, 02 Mar 1997 17:13:15 -0700

At 08:05 PM 01/03/97 +0000, Tony Hindle wrote:

> Again, I await their response, but I assumed that the
>Church of the Virus was so called because it acknowledges that all
>religions are just collections of mutually suportive memes that
>spread and change what people believe. Cov therefor was a project
>intended to have a good think and come up with some mutualy
>suporting memes that would spread a benign behavioural pattern ( a
>bit like what jesus tried to do) . The big plus about Cov as a
>concept was that it makes explicit the fact that it's meme-
>structure is not "the truth" and is always open for evolution to
>incorporate better memes at such time as someone creates them.

Correct (except maybe for "benign" depending on what you meant by that).

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