Re: virus: Manipulation 101, Lesson #17

David Rosdeitcher (
01 Mar 97 11:31:37 EST

Martz wrote:
>AFAIR David had earlier made the claim that objectivism would 'dominate
>cyberspace' so in that context comparing it to *any* other philosophy
>with a net presence is a legitimate exercise.

Yes, and I stand by that claim. Anyone who has watched the fight going this past
month, would know I was not joking, and that all other ideologies will fall to
the wasteside in cyberspace.

>Is this a new lesson? Lend weight to your arguments by dealing only with
>the last sentence and conveniently forgetting earlier discussions.

Tad's main point about using perceptual contrasts as a form of trickery was an
astute observation, even though the possible implication that I'm not going to
outcompete all other belief systems, such as Catholicism, is not true!

>>Is there a column in the Sunday Seattle Times with memetics-based paradigm?

>Did anyone make claims that memetics would dominate memespace?

Memetics doesn't explicitly make that claim, yet CoV it is a highly
sophisticated scheme that is designed to spread like a virus.

The way ideas are propagated, is assisted by memes, but must take objective
reality into account. Christianity was successful because people like Apostle
Paul and St. Augustine knew how to *market* Christianity to the greatest amount
of people--from all segments of the population. Currently, CoV is a sterile
test-tube virus, which only attracts a certain type of intellectual. It is not
in a form that can be marketed. (But that doesn't mean it can't be, if clever
individuals with charisma enter CoV) Objectivists are beginning to catch on to
marketing as the way to spread ideas, which is why objectivism will take over
the net and the rest of the world.