Re: virus: Manipulation 101, Lesson #17

Ken Kittlitz (
Sat, 01 Mar 1997 13:48:48 +0000

At 11:31 AM 3/1/97 EST, David R. wrote:
>Martz wrote:
>>AFAIR David had earlier made the claim that objectivism would 'dominate
>>cyberspace' so in that context comparing it to *any* other philosophy
>>with a net presence is a legitimate exercise.
>Yes, and I stand by that claim. Anyone who has watched the fight going
this past
>month, would know I was not joking, and that all other ideologies will
fall to
>the wasteside in cyberspace.

Interesting assertion. I invite you to draft a claim based on it and submit
it to the Foresight Exchange (, a marketplace
where the commodities are claims about future events. Participants invest
'for' or 'against' the claims, yielding a value between 0 and 100 that
indicates the market's consensus of each claim's percentage chance of
coming true.

Because a market perspective applies, people tend to invest based on what
they believe will happen, not necessarily what they *want* to happen,
giving results that are quite, er, objective.
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