Re: virus: Manipulation 101, Lesson #17

David Rosdeitcher (
03 Mar 97 03:50:37 EST

I wrote:
>> Currently, CoV is a sterile test-tube virus, which only attracts a
>>certain type of intellectual. It is not in a form that can be marketed.
>>(But that doesn't mean it can't be, if clever individuals with charisma
>> enter CoV)

Tim wrote:
>I take that as a personal attack!!! I'm clever and I've got charisma (I
>do, I do!) and I've been marketing the hell out of Memetics. I just won
>over a systems designer for Internet teach-at-home programs last night, as
>a matter of fact.

Tim--You have so many personalities that I don't know if I'm sorry or to whom to
apologize. -David