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Tony Hindle (
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 06:02:30 +0000

In message <>, David
McFadzean <> writes
>> Does knowledge of Christianity /really/ denote `infection'?
>Not at all.
>>Let me try again: For instance, if we both *sincerely* say "Jesus Christ
>is my saviour", then that indicates that we are infected by the Christian
>meme even though the actual information pattern that caused that particular
>speech act to be executed may be radically different in our respective neural
>David McFadzean

I follow this Dave. It follows that we can differentiate
between the meme for christianity and The meme for spreading
christianity. I have the first but not the second (same thing goes
for my my memetic representation of alex and yourself I would be
sstonished if it were wrong.)
Tony Hindle.

I found this message in a bottle....
I suppose I really feel `every man is an island,' and that we're all
lobbing badly worded messages in fragile bottles into the sea, hoping
our knowledge of a language we just learned, the fragility of the
paper, and the motion of nearby currents will take the message to the
people we want and that they'll be lucky enough to read it as we
intended. Perhaps a bit depressing, but I read Lovecraft as a
child. :) ....Alex williams