Re: virus: Rationality

Tony Hindle (
Mon, 3 Mar 1997 05:15:35 +0000

Dave Mcfadden or alex wrote;
My model is the Meme As Agent; memes, in my mind, are something like
>semi-autonomous organisms existing within the compubiotic soup of the
>memesphere. Memetic /breeding/, in the organic/reproductive sense,
>occurs only within the soup. Part of enculturization is dedicated to
>causing, through various environmental factors/inputs and some shared
>code all memeagents share due to millions of years of development,
>meme structures of cooperative agents to arise which contain
>`bootstrapping protocol code,' enough of language and human
>gesture/body language understanding to give a gritty, unclear but
>connected signal interpretation core structure of memes. These agents
>watch the shared i/o of the memesphere and spawn new agents whenever
>they see patterns in the input that loosely match patterns in the
>input stream. These new agents are then /immediately/ subjected to
>various combinations of other memes attempting to combine with or
>attack them. From time to time enough agents, or one very pushy one,
>will get the protocol handling agents to emit i/o through the port and
>affect the outside world.