virus: Highly sophisticated

Richard Brodie (
Sun, 2 Mar 1997 19:47:04 -0800

David R wrote:

>Anyone who has watched the fight going this past
>month, would know I was not joking, and that all other ideologies will
>fall to
>the wasteside in cyberspace.

I think the idiom is "fall by the wayside." I'm curious: what does
Objectivism have to say about grammar? Is it part of objective reality?
Is it real? Does it matter?
>>Did anyone make claims that memetics would dominate memespace?
>Memetics doesn't explicitly make that claim, yet CoV it is a highly
>sophisticated scheme that is designed to spread like a virus.

A "highly sophisticated scheme"? No. CoS is a highly sophisticated
scheme, with 60 levels. I don't think three levels qualifies as highly
sophisticated, especially given that you start on Level 2 before you get
here. And that level garbage is just my theory. It has nothing to do
with CoV, which as far as I know is just this mailing list and nothing

It's interesting, though. If you take all David's messages and replace
"CoV" by "Neo-Tech," I think you have something more accurate. One of
the characteristics of Level 2 is always seeing yourself in others
(particularly in Level-3ers).
> The way ideas are propagated, is assisted by memes, but must take
>reality into account.

You talk as if memes were not part of objective reality. Doesn't that
conflict with your dogma?

>Objectivists are beginning to catch on to
>marketing as the way to spread ideas, which is why objectivism will
>take over
>the net and the rest of the world.

Get in line behind the beer manufacturers.

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