Re: virus: Highly sophisticated

David Rosdeitcher (
03 Mar 97 03:30:07 EST

Eva wrote:
>I don't know what David R. is going to say on behalf of Objectivism on
>this question, but I felt like answering for my own view here. Grammar is
>a collectively-agreed-on system for making signals that consistently
>and reasonably efficiently trigger intended memes. It's as real as any
>memetic construct (like governments, religions, mathematical concepts),
>and it matters as long as we still want to talk to each other.

Grammar is a great example of Objectivist principles. Grammar shows how a point
of view is expressed objectively--as a person relative to their situation or
context, as opposed to subjectively--as a person in and of itself with no
relationship to their situation or context.For instance, if I say, "When I met
him, I was impressed.", this emphasizes 'being impressed'. If I say, "I met him,
which impressed me.", this emphasises 'meeting him'. It's pretty ironic that
Richard has corrected my grammar, twice. There is actually an Objectivist
grammar course given by Dr. Leonard Peikoff on tape, called Principles of
Grammar which can be ordered through Second Renaissance Books. -David