Re: virus: Rationality

Alexander Williams (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 14:18:27 -0500 wrote:
> I would say that something is not a fact if its validity can be questioned.
> This would mean that most things in science are /not/ fact. I'd agree
> with that - most of it's conjecture, hypothesis and modelling systems.

I can question whether or not you're really the Drakir I was emailing
yesterday. I can question whether my existance is real or merely `a
brain in a jar'. I can question whether gravity really /does/ pull down
equally based on mass.

I can't think of a single fact that can't be questioned and /some/ good
come of it. That's one of the basic tenets of science as I understand
it, that there's always more to know.

> Nope, it was beleived, but it wasn't true, so it wasn't a fact.

To /them/ it was a fact. If aliens dropped out of the sky tomorrow and
revealed humanity as an out-of-control genetic robotics experiment left
too long in the 'fridge and backed it up with proof, would the idea that
humanity evolved from amoeba suddenly /cease/ being a fact because its
suddenly in question? How about if the aliens revealed we're all brains
in jars?

How can there be a fact no one believes?

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