Re: virus: Rationality

Alexander Williams (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 18:34:26 -0500

Martz wrote:
> >against. If it were actually /memes/ being transmitted, we would see
> >behaviour different from that observed. (For one thing, fragmentary
> >memes don't fit into the memetic environment, so memes would either be
> >transferred correctly or not at all.
> I don't follow your reasoning. Can you justify that last sentence?

See below. In short, if memes were actually the transit materil, as it
were, you wouldn't see `misparsed' memes, only intact or untransmitted.

> that DNA is self-interpreting (or is it? anyone?) whereas the memes are
> interpreted by machinery resident in the receiving station. To carry
> that metaphor a bit further; it would be COV.ZIP for a meme and
> COVZIP.EXE for a gene.

Memes interpret the data stream, you realize, so in a sense memes are
self-interpreting. Forther, the interpretation is fuzzy, not concise,
leading to the (necessity of) parsing errors.

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