Re: virus: Rationality

Alexander Williams (
Mon, 03 Mar 1997 18:56:27 -0500

Martz wrote:
> Yeah but it's *hard* to be perfectly specific in a summary point. I
> tried goddammit!

Its challenge that makes more of a man of ya, Martz. :)

> One thing I think I should mention at this point. I mentioned that I
> thought any communication could be broken down *recursively* into the
> three steps ( heaven. Shit. I can't get that tune outta my head).

I'm not absolutely sure that its absolutely reductible more than a cycle
or two down but in general, I'll agree. Provisionally. :)

> in your head are interacting, one sending signals to the other. There
> must be some form of communication for that interaction to take place.
> Multiple instances of this would occur before a signal was transmitted.
> We could look down to individual neurons if we were so inclined (I'm
> not, BTW 8). All of these packets bouncing around *must* involve some
> noise factor so I would expect quite a high variance from the original
> (even more if it weren't for the error correction build in at various
> levels).

Absolutely. I'm not sure /how/ meme-meme interactions are really
accomplished; at that level we're already so far away from `the
hardware' (the headware?) that I'm not sure its /meaningful/ to discuss
meme-meme protocol beyond to say `yes, it happens, yes it can probably
fail but typically doesn't.' We have experience of
memesphere-memesphere communication, but meme-meme requires so much of
the model at present ...

> Aren't you flying against your own model here? Surely in your terms the
> original meme is either still there, but not the current version, or
> else has been deleted or overwritten? Or do you see different rules
> applying to intra- and inter-cranial communication?

I'm fairly sure than inter and intra memespheric communication take
largely different communication rules into account, for no other reason
that intermemespheric communication has had /millinea/ to be worked on,
intramemespheric communication is a relatice /blip/ in comparison.

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