virus: Re: Is Objectivism a Meme?

Wright, James 7929 (
Mon, 03 Mar 97 23:11:00 EST

>> Tony Hindle[] wrote:
.... I reckon your subjective (-thanks prof Tim) reality when
>you were a child is one example of an understanding that exists
>Independently or separately from objectivism (many children today
>will have an approximation of it). However it was not as valid
>when describing objective reality as the one you have now, which
>of course is less valid at describing objective reality than the
>one you will have in ten years time.
As a child, I was sure that Santa Claus existed. How as an adult shall
I be confident that I am not deluding myself as others deluded me in
youth? How could others be so confident that their understandings, be
they objectivism, CoV, or any other scheme, describe objective reality
without failure?
I hope that my understanding does grow with time; I am not so
sanguine as to think that I have all the answers, or even the best
possible method to distinguish or determine the answers, this young.

> Objective reality is out there folks, we just have to
>keep talking to each other so we can all agree on what it is (get
>our subjective realities to approximate it better and better).

My sympathy, but I doubt we'll ever all agree on what it is. This should
neither prevent nor negate the attempt, successful or not: "The reason
that I saw so much farther than others is that I stood on the shoulders
of giants." [I. Newton, I believe; I'm separated from my library at the
> In this context I reckon alt. christianity has reached
>an evolutionary dead end (I cant imagine a mutation to save it,
>interesting task though...any suggestions?)
> Alt. Objectivism has an equally good chance as Cov (as I
>understand objectivism so far) and alt. monte-python are making
>it up as they go along (but at least they know it).
Have not visited any of these, but my bet would be on the Pythoners!

> Thanks I had fun writing this.
This is probably why we keep coming back.
James Wright

I have learned a new trick today; it is cumbersome, but allows accurate
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