Re: virus: Re: Is Objectivism a Meme?

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 5 Mar 1997 06:49:12 +0000

James wright wrote:
>>> Tony Hindle[] wrote:
>.... I reckon your subjective (-thanks prof Tim) reality when
>>you were a child is one example of an understanding that exists
>>Independently or separately from objectivism (many children today
>>will have an approximation of it). However it was not as valid
>>when describing objective reality as the one you have now, which
>>of course is less valid at describing objective reality than the
>>one you will have in ten years time.

>As a child, I was sure that Santa Claus existed. How as an adult shall
>I be confident that I am not deluding myself as others deluded me in
>youth? How could others be so confident that their understandings, be
>they objectivism, CoV, or any other scheme, describe objective reality
>without failure?
I think the closer one's subjective reality comes to
objective reality, the more certain one is that nobody's subjective
reality will ever describe objective reality without failure.
>I have learned a new trick today; it is cumbersome, but allows accurate
>quoting and response without the non-functional "cut-and-paste" I really
>wish I could use.
I wash my preditor had a spelcheker.

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