Re: virus: Rationality

Alex Williams (
Tue, 4 Mar 1997 11:20:25 -0500 (EST)

> I suppose. Well, in that case, I move to strike the word "fact" from
> all languages :)

Might not be a bad idea; if everyone realized that all `facts' are
just `currently held truths' the world might suddenly undergo a
similar awakening to Eva's not using `I' for 10min ...

> Careful. Science is /far/ from being fact.

But science often leads to questioning currently accepted fact.

> That makes fact utterly subjective to the beliefs of one's time. I
> don't think this is a good definition of the word. Mind you, having
> said that, all things are subjective to ones era, aren't they? I
> think the word "fact" would be impossible to define with an utterly
> watertight definition, and still apply to *anything*.

I'm agreeing, and further, that was my point the entire time. :)

> > How about if the aliens revealed we're all brains
> > in jars?
> Gurgle....

You realize, of course, the jar I'm occupying was earlier held by
Aleister Crowley ...