virus: Virus Symptoms Lesson #1 (D1)

David Rosdeitcher (
04 Mar 97 12:27:01 EST

All religions that spread are virus-like movements. The followers have various
symptoms in common which don't generally differ, from virus to virus. The CoV
virus exemplified by Richard's Level 3 has something in common with viruses that
have been around longer such as Buddhism and Zen. One of those symptoms is
holding contradictory beliefs.Such acceptance of contradictins makes people
controllable by authority figures. People become incapable of taking a stand and
have no way to correct errors if they are wrong. They then turn to the authority
figure who provided the contradictions. Examples of contradictory notions are
shown by the following questions and statements that come from old viruses that
have originated outside of CoV.

I received this question
>Can you accept that there are better points of view that do not include
>Objectivist axioms?
>If not, why not?
This is a question about whether a point of view does not need to include the
Objectivist axioms of existence, consciousness, and identity. Obviously, a point
of view must include a viewer (consciousness) and a view (existence). It's like
asking if there are points of view that are not points of view.Such a question
does not deserve an answer.

Here's another contradictory notion:
>Consciousness may be valid, in some contexts. I do not accept it as an
>axiom, however.
He's taking a position that his position is not legitimate since consciousness
is not legitimate.

And, look at this one:
>Your comments show little understanding of Buddhism, and I am hardly
>qualified to clarify, but I will try...

He says that he can tell I don't understand Buddhism but that he is not
qualified to say why. Here he goes again:

>You are maligning what you do not
>understand, and what I barely begin to understand.

One more contradiction:
>Within the monasteries, where life is structured
>rigorously with respect to its principles, "in bad shape socially " does
>not apply.
Monasteries are not social structures?

What does this have to do with CoV? Does this remind anyone of Level
3--acceptance of contradictions? Maybe Level 3 is not that original and has been
around awhile. -David