Re: virus: Rationality

Alexander Williams (
Wed, 05 Mar 1997 21:24:08 -0500 wrote:
> Actually, it can be more interesting. Consider an interpreter for a
> programming language where there is a weak distinction between commands
> and data [namely, ML or LISP; ML has it, but it supports infinite
> recursion without stack crash. LISP *does* execute its own data!]

In an odd sort of disgusting clairvoyance, its true that when I write
code, I do it in Scheme, a subset of Lisp ... I've implimented Object
Systems in Scheme using only closures, functions that encapsulate their
own environments, as the object means, with methods handled as functions
on the object that take symbols and return functions that operate on the
object ...

I /am/ a sick puppy. Its undoubtedly affected how I see memetics.

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