Re: virus: Rationality
Thu, 6 Mar 97 11:05:37 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> > > if everyone realized that all `facts' are
> > > just `currently held truths' the world might suddenly undergo a
> > > similar awakening to Eva's not using `I' for 10min ...
> >
> > Did I miss something here?
> You have to read and correlate all the interesting threads on the CoV
> to understand my fragmented mind, young Skywalker ...

Apologies, Yoda, I tend to only read the threads I'm involved with, due
to time management gone mad.

> > This is true, and it would also be true to say that science creates
> > "currently held truths", which may be the only useful definition of
> > "fact".
> Well, its one source ... other sources may be bollocks to scientific
> minds, yet they will still spawn `facts.' The current fooferall about
> cloning in the US, for example ...

I heard Billy Boy Clinton stuck his rectal passage in his mouth the other
day, making some kind of strange Christian judgement on cloning. Can't
remember what it was though.

> > I thought the bit about the word "fact" being undefinable in a useful
> > sense was quite original. I think I'm going to sit in a corner and
> > cry for a bit....
> Take solace in the fact (ha!) that I believe there /is/ an external
> reality out there ...

So you believe that I really exist?

> even if we can't talk about it coherently. :)

But it's a fact that we try.