Re: virus: Re: Rationality
Thu, 6 Mar 97 11:01:27 GMT

Alex Williams wrote:

> > > Oh, quite. But in order for you to become aware of any impulse, whether
> > > memetic in nature or otherwise, it needs to be translated into a language
> > > your operating system (consciousness) can understand, ie. memes.
> >
> > Are you advocating, then, that every action that one undertakes is controled/
> > guided by a meme or meme-complex? Again, this leads us to the free will
> > question.
> How does free will enter into the picture unless you see the `mind' as
> seperate from the memetic structure?

If the mind is /not/ separate from the memetic structure, then aren't all
thought processes just bits of memetic programming interacting? This
makes you just like a computer, with it's OS. You may be able to
put across the impression of being a fee-thinking free-acting machine,
but in actuality, you're just a programme that's quite clever.