Re: virus: Memes needed for our Baby.
Thu, 6 Mar 97 16:38:31 GMT

> I am going
> away for the next week but when I return I will read everything in
> this thread.

Well it looks like this is going to be the first message you'll see :)

> I will become a father for the very first time on may
> 15ish.

Congratulations, man.

> If any of you would like to send your thoughts on what
> would be the best "meme-complex". For me to encourage to grow in my
> child's mind I would be very pleased to receive them. :)

Phew, that's a hard one, seeing as I don't know anything about where
you live, etc....

I guess, from my own point of view, the meme's I would look to propogate
would be the ones promoting tolerance, and desire for understanding of
anything, before relying on it. Erm ... how about the memetics meme? :)
Try and avoid the "God Meme" if you can (personal opinion only, please don't
take offence if you believe in God.) How about respect for the earth? We
could do with some people with that meme.

Hope that's sparked off a few ideas.

> Bye Bye Have fun

I do ... well, I try ... admitedly, I'm not all that successful ...
it's the thought that counts ... time to shoot up ... later,