Re: virus: Memes needed for our Baby.

Tony Hindle (
Wed, 12 Mar 1997 19:29:59 +0000

In message <>, writes
>Phew, that's a hard one, seeing as I don't know anything about where
>you live, etc....
>I guess, from my own point of view, the meme's I would look to propogate
>would be the ones promoting tolerance, and desire for understanding of
>anything, before relying on it. Erm ... how about the memetics meme? :)
>Try and avoid the "God Meme" if you can (personal opinion only, please don't
>take offence if you believe in God.) How about respect for the earth? We
>could do with some people with that meme.
>Hope that's sparked off a few ideas.
Thanks Drakir, as the editor of my child's memes I will
certainly be trying to ensure all these memes are implanted as you
suggest. But first things first, I want to implant "Daddy".
I hope to keep you posted over the years.

Tony Hindle.