Re: virus: Meme-Flexing Lesson #3

Corey A. Cook (
Sun, 09 Mar 1997 16:51:46 -0800

Tadeusz Niwinski wrote:
>Mystery of Level-3 is built "according to the book" (it didn't
>take a genius to figure out which book). An attempt is made to
>use this mystery as a tool for manipulation (dividing people to
>"Level-2ers" and "Level-3ers"). I am trying to find out if this is:
>(1) a huge memetic experiment performed on the virus list
>(without our consent which is not ethical), or
>(2) a hypocrisy (also described in the same book, and also unethical).
>This is like the situation with the monks: both options are bad.
>Of course there is always a third option. The mute may be dumb.

There is another option. Level 3 might exist as a "valid" thought process,
one which (in some cases) is more efficient than non-Level 3 thinking.

Corey A. Cook

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