Re: virus: Alternative Thought Patterns

Wade T.Smith (
Sun, 9 Mar 97 18:24:44 -0500

>Sleep depravation [sic] will certainly put you into an "alternative thought
>process". It is useful for causing visions and revelations, but I'm
>not sure the insights gained are valid (sort of like hallucinogenics).

It is certainly valuable for the purposes of bending the, for lack of a
more relevant term in this forum, 'basic memetic structure' of those
enduring this treatment, for it is the single most effective method of
brainwashing known. There is a prolonged period of paranoia and
helplessness produced, during which time the deprived (also known as the
'acolyte' or 'pilgrim' or 'searcher' or 'trainee' or 'neophyte' or, well,
choose your cult or fascist organization's fitting title) will accept
almost any comfort as fact, any aid as salvation.

As such, the 'insights' gained are useless for self-development, but very
handy indeed for group-think activities.

Any manual on prisoner interrogation will mention the effectiveness of
sleep deprivation.

(So will the EST indoctrination program....)

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