Re: virus: Alternative Thought Patterns

Dave Pape (
Sun, 9 Mar 1997 23:47:08 GMT

At 14:39 09/03/97 -0700, David McFadzean wrote:

>Sleep depravation will certainly put you into an "alternative thought
>process". It is useful for causing visions and revelations, but I'm
>not sure the insights gained are valid (sort of like hallucinogenics).

Of course you can't be sure. But then again, you can't be sure that insights
gained at 9.30am after 8 hours' sleep and a good breakfast are valid either,
can you? Not until you've assessed them and discussed them with other
people. I'm fairly sure that people on hallucinogenics talk lots of shit,
but probably have a lot of thoughts no less valid than when they're
straight. Same with sleep deprivation. As far as I'm concerned I try not to
be worried about what chemical state people were in when thoughts interacted
in a certain way in their minds, I'd rather have a quick look at those
thoughts and see whether they strike a chord or not.

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