virus: Re: Buddhism and memetics: Koans and Level-3

Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 12 Mar 97 15:51:00 EST

Tadeusz Niwinski[] wrote:

>There is a wonderful book about koans and the mystery of Level-3, which

>"The idea that there is a mysterious body of knowledge that can be
>through a lifetime of problem-solving is a powerful lure. This is the
>cornerstone of such Eastern religions as Zen and Taoism, although
>adherents would probably tell you it isn't. (That's what makes it so

You might be interested in an excerpt from a Buddhist work:

"The nature of man is changeable, from day to day, now questioning what
he does not understand, tomorrow not having the same questions because of
what he has learned."
Neither Zen nor Level-3 would deny the writer of such a book the
opportunity to change his understanding, as he learns more about any
given subject.

James Wright