virus: Buddhism and memetics: Self as a Meme-complex

Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 12 Mar 97 15:50:00 EST

Robin Faichney[]wrote:

>she has argued that "the self" is a meme-complex.

I see no disagreement with Buddhism here. (Not that I'm an authority, but
I have read a fair amount in Zen over the last few years).

>Any comments?

>From Whom? Surely not "I"! <VBG!>
The new policeman on the beat broke in on the Friday night poker party
and arrested all three participants - the priest, the minister and the
rabbi. The night judge looked at a no-win situation and tried bravely for
a solution:
"I'm sure that there must be some misunderstanding going on here. Surely
the three greatest religious leaders of our town would not be caught
violating the gambling ordinances! I must believe that our young recruit
here has misinterpreted what he saw - and since no man of the cloth would
lie, I'll give you the opportunity to tell me so. Father, were you
gambling tonight?"
The priest began, "Gambling? How can you imagine such a thing? True,
there were cards on the table, and chips were there, but -"
The judge broke in, "We could go on all night, Father, and I suspect that
you might, so I'll take that as a No. Reverend, were you gambling
The minister began," There is a pleasant side to watching the ebb and
flow, the fall of the dice and the chances involved, the luck of the draw
and the odds of success. Whether or not gambling consists -"
The judge broke in," I see you've been friends with the Father for long
enough to learn how to give lengthy speeches. I'll take that as a No.
Rabbi, were you gambling tonight?"
"With whom, Your Honor?"
James Wright