virus: Re: The Fall of Buddhism : Honesty, Science and Objectivism

Wright, James 7929 (
Wed, 12 Mar 97 15:53:00 EST

Tadeusz Niwinski[] wrote:
>It makes many things much clearer if one wants to honestly think about

Agreed. Now, consider who defines "honestly", and by what criteria.

>Richard quoted Richard Dawkins in his Virus of the Mind: "It's almost as
>the human brain were specifically designed to misunderstand Darwinism,
>to find it hard to believe." I see an analogy in understanding
>a parasitic mind is programmed in a way which makes it impossible to
>understand it.

I see an analogy in Objectivism: a circular axiom-set-based understanding
has limits, but cannot see them, or beyond them. I have no problem in
understanding the concept of parasitism; I have disagreements on what
would constitute parasitism, and who should be in charge of deciding the
"borderline cases". Others, secure in their convictions, have no such
problems - does that make them correct?

>What's a difference between Science and Objectivism?

Science can change it's understanding when confronted with evidence - it
happens all the time.
James Wright