virus: 500 dollar reward

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
13 Mar 97 11:45:33 EST

One of the good points made by George Lakoff was that reasoning can take
place unconsciously. For instance, when James W. writes that Objectivism is
based on "circular axiom sets" while, at the same time, Robin claims I am
"trotting out Objectivist dogma", people unconsciously make assumptions that the
premises of these statements are true, especially since more than one person
independently came to a similar conclusion. Statements or questions that are
based on false premises are a device that some con-men use to manipulate people.
I'll give a 500 dollar prize to the first person to demonstrate that the above
statements about Objectivism, made by 2 supporters of Buddhism, have a real
foundation. In other words, are these axioms circular and closed like
mathematical axioms, and am I saying things to be true, only because I accept
dogma? BTW, there were a couple of incidences here at CoV recently in which
someone (Corey) checked out the validity of other peoples' premises and found
they weren't true.
I am not specifically targeting the Buddhist supporters for dishonestly
presenting a false picture. I could also target certain academics such as George
Lakoff who gave an entire presentation full of good points but deliberately
chose to leave out relevant information in order to justify a certain
conclusion. I do have valid premises for that statement.
-David Rosdeitcher