Re: virus: 500 dollar reward

David McFadzean (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 11:22:15 -0700

At 11:37 PM 15/03/97 EST, Wright, James 7929 wrote:
> David McFadzean[] wrote:
>>Either your axioms are circular (mutually justifying) or you accept
>>them as dogma (they are unjustified). So one of your critics is right.
>>Do I get the $500?
>Why can they not be both circular and dogmatic?

If "dogmatic" means unjustified, then circular means undogmatic.

>Is it illegal in logic to be both incorrect and mutually justifying?

If correctness is determined within the system, then it would be
illegal as long as the system is consistent. If correctness is
determined outside of the system (say empirically) then logic
has nothing to say about correctness. Which sense do you mean?

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