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Dave Pape (
Fri, 14 Mar 1997 18:51:14 GMT

At 20:55 13/03/97 -0800, Eva wrote:

>On Thu, 13 Mar 1997, Tim Rhodes wrote:
>> So, Eva, you've been to the OCF and you're moving to Seattle from where?
>> (I don't remember what you said) We'll have to "do lunch" (as a the hip,
>> happenin' kids say) when you get here.
>I live in Eugene, I've been working at the Fair since I was about 12, and
>I'll be moving to Seattle on the 24th.
>See some of you soon,

Look I'm sorry but will you all please STOP MOVING TO SEATTLE! It's freaking
the rest of us out. Reading, here in the good old U of K, has a theatre,
various arts centres, a swimming pool, several nightclubs, a library, a
gentle university, Cafe Iguana, three identifiable sources of espresso
coffee, some tramps, seven fish and chip shops at LEAST, and some car crime.
Estate agents' phone numbers available upon application to myself.

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