virus: Quantum Memetics

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 00:58:04 -0800

Tony Hindle (deeply confused) wrote:
>It would be nice to share an agreed protocol to make our
>comunications more fluent. I perceive all memes as divisible (until we
>get into quantum memetics :)

At the sound of "quantum memetics" my mind just went into Satori.

Quantum Memetics


The smalest meme which is not divisible is called a monk.

Chapter 1: Level-3 Quarks

Two monks were arguing about divisibility of memes.
"Wait a second", said the first.
And the second was not a monk.

> Oh shit I am now more confused than I was when I first read Dave
>Papes question, Dave you have infected me with your fractally recursive

Tony, I hope it helps.

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