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>>Quantum Memetics
>>The smalest meme which is not divisible is called a monk.
>>Chapter 1: Level-3 Quarks
>>Two monks were arguing about divisibility of memes.
>>"Wait a second", said the first.
>>And the second was not a monk.
>Chapter 2: Quantum memetic fluctuations.
> It is possible for two memes, exactly opposing one another to
>spontaiously come into existence from nothing, one meme says the
>opposite of the other and when you put the two of them back together
>they mutually disintegrate, leaving nothing again.

Chapter 3: Memutrino
When two mems disintegrate, leaving nothing again, the 'nothing' is called
memutrino. Memutrino is a Level-3 quark and monks in Seattle (as all other
Level-3 monks).

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