RE: virus: 500 dollar reward

Richard Brodie (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 08:51:07 -0800

David R. wrote:

>I'll give a 500 dollar prize to the first person to demonstrate that
>the above
>statements about Objectivism, made by 2 supporters of Buddhism, have a
>foundation. In other words, are these axioms circular and closed like
>mathematical axioms, and am I saying things to be true, only because I

For someone with "fully integrated honesty," your grandstand reward
moves seem an awful lot like those rhetorical devices "used by con-men."
But on the slim chance that you're being honest, I suggest that you and
Tim Rhodes select a mutually acceptable judge of his attempts to win the
reward. You will send the check for $500 to the judge, who will forward
it to the winner upon success.

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