RE: virus: Re: Rationality (meme make-up)

Richard Brodie (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 08:23:13 -0800

Richard Jones wrote:

>it is possible to transmit fundamental memes on their own, or in very
>groups, is it possible to take a meme (read meme-complex) and propogate
>it as smaller parts, and have it rebuilt inside the new host? That
>be the ultimate way to infect without detection.

It's not only possible, but a main way that sophisticated modern mind
viruses work. Hitler spread his Four Principles in his speeches. Taken
together, they cause the host to become a Nazi. His experiment was
repeated successfully in only a few days by a high school teacher in
Palo Alto, California a few years ago. The teacher quickly disbanded the

And why do you think so many people on this list are moving to Seattle?

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