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Sun, 16 Mar 97 17:54:21 CT

I wrote:
> I decided tracking the process was more important then speed because
> I believe in my sig file: "Sometimes, you're wrong." If you accept
> as a given that you are inaccurate and prone to mistakes, you need
> to be able to double check yourself. Otherwise, you will make
> errors, which may prove fatal.

Alex replied:
>Where the rational mind takes a situation, breaks it down into
>discriminants and attempts to double check axiom/proof flow, the
>irrational `CRC,' if you will, is just that; the irrational mind
>cranks the input through a black box, looks at the output and decides
>if the outcome is favourable.

However, if the irrational mind is not complex enough to make correct
decisions regarding favourability, you will make errors anyway. In any
circumstance, there are a number of possibilities, some of which appear
favourable, and some that appear unfavourable. But to a more complex mind, a
psossiblity that at first looked favourable might turn out to be unfavourable.
How do you know when your mind is complex enough?

>Logically, and rationally, if you accept the axiom `sometimes you're
>wrong' then you recognize that sometimes your rational axioms will be
>broken; there's no way around that situation save through

I do accept the axiom 'sometimes you're wrong', because real life and
experience have shown me that it applies. (I was going to say that it
is true, but 'what is truth?') But that doesn't mean that I am
rational, or logical. I use irrationality as much or more than the
next guy, and am aware of it's benifits. When I find myself in a
situation where my rational axioms are broken, I "... and then ran away."

Corey A. Cook

* The One Universal Truth: *
* Sometimes, you're wrong. *