Re: virus: Incredulity

Alex Williams (
Sun, 16 Mar 1997 19:49:49 -0500 (EST)

> However, if the irrational mind is not complex enough to make correct
> decisions regarding favourability, you will make errors anyway. In any
> circumstance, there are a number of possibilities, some of which appear
> favourable, and some that appear unfavourable. But to a more complex mind, a
> psossiblity that at first looked favourable might turn out to be unfavourable.
> How do you know when your mind is complex enough?

How do you know when your mind is /too/ complex and you're
overanalyzing the problem?

You don't. However, as others are fond of saying, I'm the result of
millions of years of trail-and-error evolution and that does mean I'm
equipped with a host of really good, tried and true heusteristic tools
that makes my mind `complex enough.' That we're here at all is likely
proof enough in the general sense.

Note that just being rational doesn't guarantee you won't make
mistakes. It just means you're more likely to believe your flawed
axiom until too late.