RE: virus: General Election
Wed, 19 Mar 97 11:22:09 GMT

> >PS I reccommend that we all vote Natural Law party, just to see that Yogic
> >Flying - man, it's fucking wicked :)
> This is a good example of a religion-type virus being much *less*
> dangerous than many memetics-minded (!?) people see them.
> For the Transcendental Meditation organisation to propagate
> the Yogic Flying meme was a major foot-shooting exercise.
> Yes, the meme has been very successful, in just getting
> replicated, but it fits in to most peoples' memespheres in
> entirely the wrong way, from the TM point of view, because
> it makes them (even more of) a laughing-stock.

It looks like the kind of Yogic Flying that you're talking about
and the kind that I am talking about are slightly different.
The Natural Law party's portrayal of Yogic Flying involved
people in track-suits bouncing up and down in the Yoga position.
It was in no way made to look like a serious piece of Meditation,
at least in my eyes. It looked rather ridiculous, I have to say.
If you're talking about the Yogic flying that is on that advert
with the bloke hoovering underneath them, then it's probably a
different matter. That's, like, actually floating, and looks more
meditational than the Natural Law Party's bouncing spree :)

I don't know if you've seen the adverts that the NLP had out, but
if you saw them, you'd see an immediate difference.