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Robin Faichney (
Wed, 19 Mar 1997 11:59:00 -0000 wrote:
>> For the Transcendental Meditation organisation to propagate
>> the Yogic Flying meme was a major foot-shooting exercise.
>> Yes, the meme has been very successful, in just getting
>> replicated, but it fits in to most peoples' memespheres in
>> entirely the wrong way, from the TM point of view, because
>> it makes them (even more of) a laughing-stock.
>It looks like the kind of Yogic Flying that you're talking about
>and the kind that I am talking about are slightly different.
>The Natural Law party's portrayal of Yogic Flying involved
>people in track-suits bouncing up and down in the Yoga position.
>It was in no way made to look like a serious piece of Meditation,
>at least in my eyes. It looked rather ridiculous, I have to say.

That's what I said! This is a case of the reality failing to match
the meme. Just by calling what they do Flying, they promote an
image that they inevitably fail to substantiate. (And you may
not be aware that they were talking about this years and years
ago, and only attempted a demonstration years (or at least
many months) after first talking about it.)

>If you're talking about the Yogic flying that is on that advert
>with the bloke hoovering underneath them, then it's probably a
>different matter. That's, like, actually floating, and looks more
>meditational than the Natural Law Party's bouncing spree :)

But, like, it's not real, man!

Robin Faichney