Re: virus: Re: Rationality (meme make-up)
Thu, 20 Mar 97 16:05:55 GMT

Dave Pape wrote:

> >Is there a finite amount of information needed? Using
> >your thriller analogy, is there a point at which every viewer is aware
> >of the identity of the culpret, and they are all correct?
> Well, probably not, if you include, say, people who watched the film when
> they were smacked up to the eye teeth, or snogging each other.

Or both.

> The "point", even with a closely attentive audience of
> your-language-speakers, all versed watching thrillers (a learnt skill, I
> reckon), when each member of the audience realises who the culprit is, will
> vary. And be smeared over time, as the meme "x was the culprit" becomes more
> and more active in their memosphere, eventually becoming active enough to
> outcompete other culprit-memes for expression...

What I meant was, though, is there a cut off point? By this point, /everyone/
smack-heads, and couples included, are aware of the culprit? Can this
analogy be taken to the point where the killer (or whatever) is unmasked?
Surely then, everyone is aware of the correct answer (unless you're watching
"Clue" staring Tim Rice!)