RE: virus: Re: Rationality (meme make-up)
Thu, 20 Mar 97 16:41:28 GMT

Richard Roadie wrote:

> Richard Jones wrote:
> >> >is it possible to take a meme (read meme-complex) and propogate
> >> >it as smaller parts, and have it rebuilt inside the new host? That
> >> >would
> >> >be the ultimate way to infect without detection.
> >>
> >
> >> It's not only possible, but a main way that sophisticated modern
> >> mind
> >> viruses work. Hitler spread his Four Principles in his speeches.
> >
> >OK, this is fine, but I also posited that individually the memes
> >are inactive, and almost undefinable. Can this happen, do you think?
> >Hitler's Four Principles were definable memes in themselves, surely.
> I think in hindsight you can always go back and see what the ingredient
> memes are, but the trick is to get by people's defenses.

Of course, but it still remains to ask how small we can break down a meme,
and still consider it a meme.

For anyone interested in Hitler's Four Principles, the ideas are fairly well
laid out in most early National Socialist theory essays.