Re: virus: Axioms

Alex Williams (
Sat, 22 Mar 1997 12:52:28 -0500 (EST)

> Where do you think I live? North Pole? I live in Vancouver, Canada. The
> Siren Song (SS) is unbearably tempting here. I have to take Four anti-scum
> pills a day (as a Principle). This keeps me going. But, boy, is this hard!

You poor, poor lad. Move to the South, biy; the diet of fine BBQ and
iced tea sipped on front porches in the lazy summer shimmer will
reduce your requirement for anti-scum pills. We even bandy about the
Four Principles to our children and watch them laughing and playing as
they trip off to school, innoculated against such things by the
injection of dead words.

It really is idyllic, and the SS is completely counteracted by the
accents of Southern Belles.

> This makes you sound a tad insecure and you may not survive the P-SBH
> suction. If you don't drink what they call "fine cognac" we may meet on
> planet TeTa one day.

Clearly, my Designers were clever in my creation; an intense allergy
to alcohol secures me from the evils of this "fine cognac." Now, if
they were to be offering megadoses of psilocybin, lysodyslergic acid
or peyote, there might be a concern, but mere alcohol doesn't move me
at all ...