RE: virus: Memohazard Symbol

Jim Gadbois (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 09:40:00 -0600

>> I've been thinking about the use of the biohazard symbol in
>> association with memetic hazards, and I have reached the
>> conclusion that a new symbol would be appropriate for many
>> reasons:
>> - Purely from a PR point of view, a new symbol would likely
>> be a catchy meme, and tend to spread to web pages like

I've been associating "the schwa corporation" with what we are
(allegedly) doing on this mailing list

the schwa symbol, (upsidedown "e" which my mail system cannot reproduce)
is one that many already associate with a dangerous "concept/ meme"
perhaps this "e" incorporated into a traditional BIO- hazzard symbol
would do the trick?

POM (in eclipse)