virus: world war 3 in the making

joseph assad (
Sun, 23 Mar 1997 19:34:15 +0800

dear fellow human beings,
what is happening in the middle east is the begining of the end.
all this is due to our religious intolerance and hatred brewing for
we are heading for another war.
on a larger scale than mohammad or david ever dreamed!
the lines are drawn.
they are preaching war from their pulpits.
dont you see it coming?
the writing has been on the wall for a long time now.
go ask rabin's widow.the peace process is not dying,
it died when rabin died.the bomb is going to hit the fan.
and we are all to blame!
we are all guilty!
its not just the mullahs and the sheiks backing hamas.
its not just the rabbis behind nethanyahu.
its not just the priests cheering them both on to hell....
its you and me !
its you and me !
we are supporting this madness blindly.
we have forgotten that we are human beings.
we are either christian first, moslem first, jew first.
human being second.
its about time we see that these religions are going to kill us all.after
millions are killed in the name of a god that does not exist.
its about time we placed less faith in gods and more on ourselves.
its time we taught our children that gods are make-believe and don't
and not to put the fear of god into them.fill them w/guilt... in god we
trust? in gods we'd rust!
goodness is the answer.godness will get us killed.
please wake up and stop the madness or will it take ww3 4u to see?
throw away your tired old religions and superstitions and
embrace goodness.
the power of good is stronger than the power of gods.
it is saddening to know that in our lifetime we will never live to see
........just like we saw the walls of communism and dictatorships come
the walls of organized religion come down.
because then and only then will we be able to achieve the elusive peace.peace on earth.
peace on earth.there is no pie in the sky when you die.
if this message reaches 1( one ) suicide bomber...then this letter would
have been worth it.
but id like to reach you.
you reading must be an educated person....
haven't you had enough idol worship ?
aren't you sick of all this killing in gods name??
haven't you had your doubts about gods and demons?
dont you want to be free?
do you want them to blow our children up to kingdomcome?
are you not sick to your stomach from all this religious hatred and
intolerance to one another?
your religious parents did not know better...but you
should! believe in fact. not fiction.
i would give my whole life savings to charity if someone could
part the red sea again
walk on water
ascend to the heavens
raise the dead
just like you broke away from santa will
have to break away from god.
its not that hard.
its not that scary either.
no god is going to punish maybe, not gods.
break away! break free from religious nonsense...
you can do it.
simple too.
just replace god with principles.timeless principles,
tried and tested over the centuries...principles.
if you havent read the book "7 habits" look for it.
live by it.
you can do it.
we dont need gods and their messengers to guide you,only principles.
for your childrens ,childrens, children sake.
become born again.
not born again christian moslem or jew..they're the worst
become a born again human being.
goodness shall prevail.
to quote albert einstein
"if man is good only because he fears punishment(hell) and seeks
rewards(heaven),then we are a sorry lot indeed."
wake up before it is too late!