Re: virus: Four Principles Digest
Mon, 24 Mar 97 15:35:07 GMT


Cheers for the summary of the Four Principles debate thingy. I think
I'm begining to understand what the confusion is about.

> You missed one of the most fascinating lessons in manipulation (which is not
> over yet, so pay attention).

Consider me bolt upright and alert :)

I hope you don't mind, I'm going to add little comments where I
feel appropriate.

> Richard Brodie, Date: Mon, 17 Feb 1997 15:08:59 -0800
> A dangerous notion. The Nazis didn't misunderstand anything. They were
> schooled in the Four Principles, which I never repeat, because anyone
> who knows them can easily create a runaway movement.

So? People are going to do that anyway. Why hasn't the Broadster himself
set up a runaway movement? I mean, if every Politics student studying
Nat. Soc. set up a rogue Nazi party, we'd be fucked, wouldn't we?

> Almost one month later:
> Richard Brodie, Date: Sun, 16 Mar 1997 08:23:13 -0800
> It's not only possible, but a main way that sophisticated modern mind
> viruses work. Hitler spread his Four Principles in his speeches. Taken
> together, they cause the host to become a Nazi. His experiment was
> repeated successfully in only a few days by a high school teacher in
> Palo Alto, California a few years ago. The teacher quickly disbanded the
> class.

Ahah, I remember reading this post, and it didn't mean a thing to me.
In context, I guess it makes more sense.

You're telling me that he hasn't told anyone what the Four Principles
are? Why?