Re: FW: virus: From the shadows

D. H. Rosdeitcher (
24 Mar 97 19:59:26 EST

On March 19, Kirt D. wrote:

>Are you saying that you don't filter memes, and you don't have a memetic
>immune system? What if I tried to infect you with the meme "A is not A"?
>Would that work? That's all I was saying there. Objectivism, just like
>Catholicism, is a meme-complex that includes a system for evaluating, and
>discarding, memes. All people have them -- just some immune systems are
>more codified than others.

Kirt--You seemed to be implying in your previous post that the memetic
structures of Objectivism and Catholicism are essentially equivalent--that they
are both meme-complexes which filter out certain memes in order to protect their
existing memetic structure. Objectivism, like pancritical rationalism is a
primacy of existence philosophy, which means that reality is not determined by
the contents of anyone's mind and no great effort should be made to protect any
part of a memetic structure that disagrees with reality. In objectivism, as well
as PCR, any position, including 'A is not A' can be considered.

>I'm mildly curious as to which "big lie" I'm spin-doctoring here.

The 'big lie' I'm referring to is egalitarianism--one ideology is as good as

You wrote:
>(Disclaimer: Not that there's anything wrong with being a
>devout Catholic, Wiccan, an Objectivist, a Discordian, or a cow