RE: virus: More Emerson

Tadeusz Niwinski (
Mon, 24 Mar 1997 17:14:26 -0800

Richard wrote:
>Tad wrote:
>>[RB]>You should use more than one hyphen---like this -- or this---for a
>>>Otherwise it looks like you're making up a compound word like
>>I am curious, Richard. This is a clear case of hypocrisy you describe
>>lucidly in your excellent book "Virus of the Mind". Why are you doing
>>If you are going to answer with a joke, a monk-story, call me a Level-2
>>chimp -- don't bother.
>For the last time, Tad -- Level ONE is chimp. Level TWO is educated
>human being! Do you think you're helping anyone by randomizing bits?

Thank's for the lesson. Hypocrisy and changing the subject is a very strong
meme complex. Do you really think it works?

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